TrafficNetworkAds - The new generation of the cashback program

There is a lot of movement on the RevShare market. And so TrafficNetworkAds is now launching a new company that promises a lot of potential and works with a highly developed technology in the field of network marketing, which plays in their own league. With these words, TNA, the abbreviation for Traffic Network Ads. If you already know GetMyAds, you will be able to quickly find your way around, because this company has a similar structure and functions similarly. As a customer or a partner, you purchase traffic packages for TNA and will be involved in the company's turnover for each package in the form of a cashback of between 0.5 and 1.2 percent per day. And if you recommend the products and services of TrafficNetworkAds, you get commissions in up to 6 levels with minimum requirements that everyone can reach.


With TrafficNetworkAds to financial freedom…

✔ Free registration and no obligation

✔ Already after 74 minutes you can make the first money

✔ Partners are involved in the company's turnover

✔ No banner click and no view of advertising

✔ Each traffic-pack actively participates in the cashback for 730 days

✔ Excellent affiliate marketing plan with commissions in 6 levels




What is and what makes Traffic Network Ads?

TrafficNetworkAds is an innovative, dynamic and extremely motivated team of young Internet insiders, whose beginnings date back to the year 2015 and was founded by Leon Shug. The traffic network, which was created from a vision at the time, was preceded by selected professionals and super affiliates and further developed with only five employees at the top of the company. After just one month, the newly created traffic network recorded sales of 1.21 million euros. After just a few weeks, the first partners reached an affiliate commission of over 30,000 euros per month. From an initial vision became a functioning business, which now presents itself to the general public online under the name TrafficNetworkAds. But what exactly does the traffic network do? The company, which has just started with its young and motivated team, is always looking for new trends before they become known. As a result, TNA then uses this advantage and applies the temporary trends in which the company visits the web page, e.g. On Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing and Twitter. This, however, is nothing new, because many other companies do it. The special thing about Traffic Network Ads, however, is that they make everything faster and better than other competitors on the market. Because insider knowledge, which is the success guarantee of the company, one can always be a step ahead of the competition!
For example, TNA purchases advertising on various markets and achieves top conditions. This purchased advertising is then directed to third party products and TNA earns it commissions. This is the usual business of affiliate marketing. But TrafficNetworkAds has a further advantage, because the network and the power behind it, the company can buy 100x more clicks for the same price than many other competitors. This naturally also increases the profit margin. And the more advertising TNA purchases, the better conditions can be achieved. As a customer or partner, you are now advertising your website or an affiliate product via the TrafficNetworkAds network, the company will get even better terms and an even higher profit. Here, similar to GetMyAds , you will be involved in the company's profits and will receive a cashbag for your purchased advertising packages (unit price 50 Euro), 24 times Is credited on the day to 7 days a week and is up to 1.18% per day. As a customer, you will be rewarded for booking your advertising.

Basic data of TrafficNetworkAds

-> 1 traffic pack costs 50 euros and includes 250 clicks or 2,500 bannerviews.
-> To participate in the cashback program, you first have to purchase at least 1 traffic pack.
-> Up to 1,000 own traffic packs can be purchased immediately!!!
-> Each partner can have a maximum of 2,000 own traffic packs.
-> Each traffic pack participates actively in the cashback program for 730 days (2 years).
-> Since the foundation, the daily cashback payment is between 0.5 and 1.2 percent.
-> The bonus is credited 24 times a day, so every hour.
-> No dollars, but Euro currency.
-> Free-of-charge Landing page for advertising in German and English.
-> Affiliate commissions are paid in a maximum of 6 levels (10%, 5%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 3%).
-> Previous deposit option: By bank transfer, Payeer, more follow!
-> Payouts can be requested by bank transfer or via PAYEER.

The affiliate program

In addition to the CashBack bonus, TrafficNetworkAds offers another option through the affiliate program to make good money with the Internet. For this, you only have to recommend TNA and you will then receive 10% direct commission, ie 5 Euro for each traffic pack that your directly recruited customer has purchased. Should this customer constantly order new traffic, you will regularly receive additional commissions on each traffic pack. But it goes even further, because even if your customer is satisfied with the TrafficNetworkAds, offer and advertises other customers who purchase traffic packages, you get 5% of the traffic on their customers, which is 2.50 euros per traffic pack. If you have purchased 100 traffic packs yourself as a partner of TNA, you open the 3rd level and you get 3%, which is 1.50 euros per traffic pack in your team Is activated. These 3% are also available on the 4th level, if you are a loyal customer yourself and have 500 traffic packages. Promote and collect 1,000 traffic packs, get a further 3% on the 5th level and as a customer with 2,000 traffic packets, you get on the 6th level on each sold token 1,50 Euro and thus the maximum commission.


If each of your directly promoted teampartner also reaches the 2,000 traffic packs, which can be purchased from both CashBack bonus and affiliate commissions, you will receive € 10,000 commission plus your CashBack bonus per customer over the long term. Not to mention the commission from the further downline.

+ You will receive 10% or 5 euros commission from each traffic pack that your Teampartner buys.

+ For each purchased pack of the customers of your Teampartner you get 5% and 2.50 € commission.

+ With 100 own traffic packs the 3rd level opens and you get 1.50 € per pack.

+ With 500 packs you reach level 4, from 1.000 in level 5 and with 2,000 packs in level 6 with 3%

+ It is also possible to participate in the affiliate program without own traffic pack.


Presentation of Traffic Network Ads