MyAdsino – The leading LIFESTYLE network

MyAdsino is a brand new online business, launched on 15.11.2016 in over 150 countries, and is already one of the most lucrative systems ever. This is a RevShare program whose revenues are one hundred percent externally generated. This is a very important fact, which guarantees a longevity of the company. MyAdsino makes its sales through an online casino, through sports betting and the sale of advertising products on its own platform. These sales streams are a multi-billion-dollar market in which everyone can participate. You only have to purchase so-called StarCoins, ie advertising packages, at the price of 50 Euro each, and then participate in the cashback program for 500 days, thus achieving a lucrative secondary service. You have to make the most of this opportunity because the connection between the advertising industry and online casino has never existed. For die-hard experts, MyAdsino is the mega opportunity for everyone!


MyAdsino is like a rocket. To start with!

✔ Registration is free at any time

✔ No banner click and no view of advertising

✔ Partners are involved in the company's turnover

✔ Each StarCoin participates in the cashback for 500 days

✔ Ingenious marketing plan with commissions up to the 5th level

✔ Free landing page with video in different languages




Presentation of MyAdsino