MIGHTY BUYER – The Social Shopping Community

Mighty Buyer is the first global social shop community on this planet, with hundreds of thousands of branded products. This portal, which has just been launched after a week-long prelaunch phase, would like to revolutionize everything that has been going on since then, and you have the opportunity here to profit from this unique concept. As a licensing partner you can reach an attractive income by marketing your own shop link. Mighty Buyer itself will not operate its own shop under the main domain. This means that end users can use the huge selection of favorable offers only through the partner links. And as a shopkeeper, you receive a transaction margin of up to 40 percent as a shop commission in real-time for each sold product via your personal link.


MIGHTY BUYER - Make Money with Social Global Shopping

✔ Do your own online shop without hassle

✔ Huge shop listings with over 800,000 items from brand names

✔ All products can be offered at wholesale prices

✔ Shop operators earn money at every product sold through their link

✔ The monthly license fee for your own shop costs only 49 €

✔ Additional money can be earned through partner commissions and bonus programs




The unique concept of MIGHTY BUYER

Instead of entering the market as another big online-shop, Mighty Buyer offers thousands of partners worldwide the opportunity to earn money with the shop and generate a small, big or even very big income. Mighty Buyer is responsible for the professional operation of the shop, such as, warehousing, shipping and logistics, fulfillment, accounting, customer service, refunds etc. The years of experience gained from the team influences the trading of goods and established the very good connections to suppliers and business organizations worldwide with the entire shop. Partners can focus on gaining customers , who like to shop at incredible low prizes. Active partners will get a personal shop link. Example-Link:
Mighty Buyer will not run a personal shop under the main domain which competes with its partners! This means, that final end customers will get access to the offers only through partner links! Because the shop contains hundreds of brands from various product categories, the trade margins between certain areas can vary largely. Thats why all articles will be sorted into roughly 40 article groups, which will contain individual trade margins. License partners will have these lists available at all times in their personal backoffice.

Here you will find the Mighty Buyer presentation as a PDF to read. To the presentation



Advertising video of the new social shopping community