Monetizing GetMyAds

GetMyAds, the new generation of online marketing, the involved each partner in the profits of the company with the most lucrative advertising network on the Internet and a PayBack program. This is beginners and professionals a worthwhile entry into the world of online marketing allows. GetMyAds since 2011, is on the market but until this year the company goes international and offers everyone the opportunity to get started. To be able to benefit from the integrated program PayBack all his customers and Affiliates. The recently launched international expansion will be supported by numerous well-known entrepreneurs. The corporate philosophy is designed to be that in the future the quality and stability for innovative products, services and lucrative models for customers and Affiliates always evolving and improving.


Why GetMyAds can change your life ...

✔ Registration is free, no hidden fees, no subscription

✔ Immediate start is for EVERYONE with guaranteed success possible

✔ Without Banner Click and advertising look

✔ No participation in any polls

✔ partner in the profits of the company involved

✔ After a short time a Daily income of up to $ 500




How GetMyAds work exactly?

First sign up for free at the affiliate program and are then automatically at PayBack pool involved. Its mission is to attract more partners for GetMyAds. The more successful you are acting here, the more you can earn with the integrated affiliate program at two levels. Advertised interesting advertising packages and advertising formats are here to help customers start with a few clicks an advertising campaign. To book a promotional package, a so-called token must be purchased. A token is equivalent to 50, - US Dollar. This currency can be paid intern all products, services and offers. 40 percent of each token are thereby paid to all members in PayBack pool. Thus each partner's share in the profits of GetMyAds. The PayBack pool is dynamic, is in company history but still about 1% or more per day and for each token. Be the partner focus on your business and GetMyAds cares about your advertising. The network delivers targeted advertising for your project, thus achieving maximum success with your advertising campaign. Here this system works differently than other advertising platforms. It turns advertising outside of this system, not only internally, but also on other major websites with huge visitor flows like Facebook, Google and Co. For you as a member of GetMyAds this means that you have a greater range and thus real traffic to their get website that receives from the 75 world's largest traffic network stammen.Und through the Payback program each customer up to 24x per day a reimbursement to all line items. So to build a lucrative ongoing income diligent partner. In GetMyAds there are no application fees, no ongoing costs, no subscription and no hidden costs for our customers and affiliates. If you have questions about this affiliate, then check out the video below in peace until the end of.

Main features of GetMyAds

-> 1 token costs 50 dollars (about 45 euros) and has a duration of 600 days
-> The entry is already from 50 Dollars (1 token) possible
-> A maximum. amount to 1,000 tokens
-> In 1000 acquired tokens of partners reached the Premium program after 3 months.
-> Expectation each token after 600 days 550%
-> Daily Payback payment of about 1% or more on all tokens.
-> Hourly revenue share / dividend.
-> Available landing pages in 5 languages.
-> Referral business over 2 levels (12% each)
-> Various deposit options: Instant bank transfer, bank transfer.
-> Each token has to switch its own advertising a value of 2,000 credits that serve.
-> Payments are transferred to the account used within about 3 days.

Income opportunity with GMA

With reinvestment and without profit taking at GetMyAds arise without any advertising partners following merit bills.
As already said, the daily payout currently stands at about 1 percent, which is considered in the calculation.

◾A one-time payment of $ 250 = 5 tokens - Assumes reinvestment of daily profits
◾nach about 2.6 months = 10 tokens = $ 500 
◾nach about 18 months = 1,000 tokens = $ 50,000

◾A one-time payment of $ 500 = 10 tokens - Assumes reinvestment of daily profit
◾nach 2.5 months = 20 tokens = $ 1,000 
◾nach about 16 months = 1,000 tokens = $ 50,000

◾A one-time payment $ 1,000 = 20 tokens - Assumes reinvestment of daily profits
◾nach 2.5 months = 40 tokens = $ 2,000
◾nach about 14 months = 1,000 tokens = $ 50,000